Making a project out of a 1985 ford f250 4×4 any ideas?

I have a 1985 ford f250 that i lost the title too and dont really use ever, it has a big block 460 lifted 6 inches and 4×4, i thought about taking the 460 and building a sand rail but not sure how i would get the tranny in with both drivelines so i think i would use a 2wd tranny, truck runs great just looking to make it into something, i also thought about making a rock crawler out of it, im on a budjet but i have alot of time and tools and im just wondering what else could i do with it, i dont want no lowrider stuff, i aint no mexican but im open to alot of ideas

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One Response to Making a project out of a 1985 ford f250 4×4 any ideas?

  1. RDW June 24, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    You can leave it as is and use the truck as a trail truck for hunting or something…The rock crawler you’d have you add a roll bar/cage and trim back the metal around the wheel wells so the suspension can do some flexing and upgrade somethings to be more heavy duty…You could also fix the truck up in to a show truck which you can make a piece of rolling art and do the hole car show thing with it