Necessary Four Wheel Drive Off-Road Equipment

Going on an adventure in your four-wheel drive vehicle may seem like an excellent idea for a weekend getaway, but never forget the dangers associated with this type of recreation.  You must always be prepared for any type of situation or emergency.  Always remember to bring the necessary supplies, tools and safety equipment.

Having the necessary supplies is essential for people going on an off-road trip.  Always bring more supplies than what you really need.  If you plan on spending a couple of days on the road then bring food and drinks enough for 3 days.  Always pack food that can give you an instant boost in energy, these are great for emergency situations.

Never bring alcoholic drinks as you will need to stay alert when driving.  If you intend to spend the night on the trail then it is better to get some rest because you will need to drive the next day.  You can drink all you want once you get off the trail and in a much safer environment.

Tools are also very important when you are on the trail.  You will need to bring standard wrenches and socket wrenches, jacks and pry bars.  Electrical tapes and duct tapes are also important.  Bring along a few meters of standard size electrical wire, just in case you need to replace a burnt-out wire.  A battery powered electric drill will come in handy and make sure that you bring along extra batteries.

A spare tire would seem obvious, but make sure that it is properly inflated before you leave.  There are also emergency tire repair kits available and these will come in handy if you have tire problems more than once.

Safety is a major concern when on an off-road trail. Always bring a first aid kit with you.  You might want to bring a first aid kit that has the complete items instead of one of those small kits. You will most likely be travelling with a group of other four wheel drive vehicles, but never assume that everybody has first aid kits with them.

Never forget to bring recovery equipment with you.  Your vehicle or another four wheel drive might get stuck and need to be recovered.  Make sure that the straps you bring are loop-ended and not with metal hooks.  These straps are pretty strong but it is better to be safe than relying on their strength.  Metal hooks can turn into deadly projectiles if the straps fail at the worst possible time.

Advanced off-road enthusiasts will have an assortment of tools, accessories and even spare parts.  The automotive parts that they bring are those that will most likely get damaged.  You will find out what parts you need to bring once you get a hang of being on the trails and once your four wheel drive has had its share of cuts and bruises. What is important is that you travel with a group so you can rely on them to help you once you need help and vice versa.


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