Off road tires question 35s on Z-71 Pro Comp XTerrain?

I have a 1999 (rounded body style) Sierra 1500 Z-71with a 3" body lift and Maxxis Buckshot tires (LT305/70R17) on it. I originally wanted to go with Thornbirds, but they don’t make 33’s that fit a 17" rim. Now here’s my question: I was looking at the Pro Comp XTerrains, and I found the 35/12.50R17. The outside diameter is 34.8, and the outside diameter of my buckshots were 33.9… Will the 35’s fit good and not rub very much? My buckshots didn’t rub at all, so I am figuring these will fit fairly easily, but everyone(friends) told me 35" tires won’t fit on my truck with just a 3" body lift. Does anyone know if these will fit??

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2 Responses to Off road tires question 35s on Z-71 Pro Comp XTerrain?

  1. jason m October 25, 2010 at 4:45 am #

    33/12.5 are the best for a chevy. A body lift is not going to do it for the 35s. get some cheap 15" rims they are better against rocks anyway. The price for tires on 17s and the price for cheap rims is a wash.

  2. MUSTANGGT351 October 25, 2010 at 4:45 am #

    the pro comps will fit better than thornbirds. Thornbirds tend to break off the inside knobs on the tire while turning. [knobs rub body or suspension] for what its work, my 38’s rubbed on my chevy with a six inch suspension lift