Off-Road Trails in the USA

There are many off-road trails in the US to choose from.  Beginner and advanced off-road drivers alike have a wide selection of trails to choose from that will test their skills and give them the thrill and excitement that they seek.  When choosing a trail to go through, just remember to avoid trails that you know you are not skilled enough to handle.

Missouri is an excellent place to find great trails. If ever you are in Southeastern Missouri, make sure that you visit the Ozarks in your off-road vehicle.  Here you can find state parks and even parks that are designated for off-road vehicles.  There is nothing like getting mud spattered all over your truck and getting battered by the rigorous terrain.

40 miles south of St. Louis in Southeastern Missouri, is the St. Joe State Park.  The park’s 8,243 acres offer a wide variety of outdoor fun and adventure.  There are miles and miles of off-road trails that you and your 4×4 will surely enjoy navigating.  If you need to take a rest, then you can head to one of the two designated camp grounds and enjoy swimming or fishing.  This park has more activities to offer than you can enjoy and is sure to provide a complete adventure.

If you are looking for a place that is specially designated for off-road vehicles, then head to The Brick’s 4×4 Farm in Southeastern Missouri.  Any type of off-road vehicle can enter the gates of the farm and claim the thrill and adventure that they seek.  The area sure is an off-road heaven for 4×4 enthusiasts and dirt bike fanatics.

Rock crawlers will surely enjoy the rocky terrain that this farm has to offer.  Just make sure that you are skilled enough to get through this type of terrain.

You will need to check on the weekends that this farm is open because they do not open their gates all year around.

Ohio is another place where you can find excellent off-road sites. Wellsville Off-Road Trails is a great place to explore and it is actually a ride at your own risk type of place.  The park is open to any type of off-road vehicle.  ATV’s and motorcycles that are properly equipped are also welcome at this site.

If you want to stay for a longer period then you are welcome to do so.  Camping grounds are available and there are passes that will let you stay there for up to a week.  If you intend to stay for that long a period, make sure that you bring along the necessary amount of supplies that you will need.

There are also several jeep organizations in Ohio that hold off-road events during different times of the year.  This is an excellent way to get in touch with other off-road vehicle enthusiasts to get free tips and advice on off-road riding or to just simply show-off your vehicle.  Some of the off-road trails are privately owned and you will need to become a member of an organization to get access.


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