Outer Banks, NC – 4×4 Trails

Outer Banks, NC
Club Status – Not visited, use information at own risk
– Travel time from Beltway – 5 hrish to Southern Shores. To get to first ORV ramp at Oregon Inlet add another 25-40
minutes. Crossing into Pea Island National Sea Shore the 1st ORV ramp is few miles outside of Waves. There are 2or3
between Waves and Avon. 1 or 2 between Avon and Buxton, 1 at Cape Hatteras light house, 1 at Frisco and 1 at the
Ocakroke (sp) ferry. I don’t think there are any in Ramps in the northern beaches (Duck, Corrolla). BTW: I have heard
that most of the Outer Banks (at least Nag Head and South) is drivable after tourist season (approx. from may to Oct) – don’t
know if this is true though.

Terrain: Sand/Beach driving (Driving in the Dunes is against the law!!!!!) Skill/Equipment – newbie/intermediate with
common sense, Aired down tires help, Clearance is nice too – not 10′ lifts with 66 inch tires – just enough to clear the sand
ruts that develop – normal/stock jeep/4wd truck height works fine. I have seen several 2wd trucks, 4wd Subaru station
wagons and brats, a few sand bugs, and sand rail or two out at Oregon Inlet. After the tide comes in, it is like driving on
asphalt, for a while. Not Exactly 4×4 adventure, BUT great weekend outdoors fishing, playing in water, etc. There are
some designated ORV trails on the sound side – never tried them. Most appear to be sand trails to sand boat ramps on the
sound. Frisco State Camp Ground, highly recommended, right next to ORV beach ramp too. Some of the other State Camp
Grounds (actually I think they are national grounds??) are the “pull your RV up and plug in type” Oregon inlet goes both
ways – Hatteras, I have heard, is a camp ground with hot tubs!!! There are private camp areas too. Finally, As many of
you mentioned: The Weeping Radish! Bavarian Restaurant and Micro Brewery in Manteo NC (Andy Griffith’s
Hometown – you want to know where Mayberry came from – check out downtown Manteo:)).

One last thing – getting to Nags Head from VA/VA beach, traveling on 168/158, you pass right by Grave Digger’s
Dungeon – I hear they give rides for paying customers.

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