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Mudhunters is a community for 4x4s and off-road vehicle owners and enthusiasts. Find information on activities such as off-road four-wheel drive camping trips and local one-day outings. Have your questions answered with anything to do with 4×4, off-road trucks, trails, tires and accessories.Share and contribute your off road experiences. Learn from others on the best in 4×4 tips and tricks that will help you have a great drive. Check out trail guides for any tough track. Below are some great trail parks;

Does anyone make replacement parts for the front axle of 63 chevy 4×4 that is 3/4 ton?like the spider gears?

My 4×4 doesn't pull itself in 4 wheel drive mode.It has a popping sound coming from the front differential.I am guessing that it is the spiders or the axle drive gear inside the differential.These parts aren't available in my area.So I am looking for new replacement parts or maybe a salvage yard that specializes in […]

Using bigger tires and wheels but the struts are in the way. (Off road car) Any ideas?

I am planning on converting a 91 Dodge Colt in to a sort of semi sand car to off road in the desert around my area. The original wheels were 13s which I replaced with 15s. The next step was going to be getting larger off road tires for the new 15 x 8 rims. […]