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Mudhunters is a community for 4x4s and off-road vehicle owners and enthusiasts. Find information on activities such as off-road four-wheel drive camping trips and local one-day outings. Have your questions answered with anything to do with 4×4, off-road trucks, trails, tires and accessories.Share and contribute your off road experiences. Learn from others on the best in 4×4 tips and tricks that will help you have a great drive. Check out trail guides for any tough track. Below are some great trail parks;

Extreme AMPHIBIOUS Russian offroad vehicle: Aton-Impulse VIKING-2992

4x4xAMPHIBIOUS, VIKING combines the best of extreme off-road with amphibious capability. The ATON IMPULSE VIKING-2992 is a unique special purpose vehicle, ideal for heavy industry, exploration, arctic use, flood-relief, NGOs, rescue and emergency services. VIKING is the only amphibious off-road vehicle in the world to have passed through certification to meet UN/ECE regulations for unrestricted […]