Question about a 2002 F150?

okai so i have a 4.2L f150 as basic as can be.
i bought it a few months back and dropped allot of money on it instantly. i got 35 mud tires and a lift from fabtech. i also put a new rear end of 3.73 gear ratio and switched the battery to perfomance for a 100w offroad lightd. ive taken it to the mountain a few times but never to offroad. just to go watch the other people.
my question is if i was to play in the dirt or mud. just like do donuts or drive slowly through the bumps or crawl up little hills. nothing to serious would i risk serious damage to the truck.??
also i noticed on the gauges there a 4X4 light. does that mean its a 4X4.?? or how much would it cost to make it 4X4 if its not.??? also performance wise i was thinking of a new flowmaster dual exhaust, K&N performance intake and bigger throttle body.??? is that a good way to give it more power.???
please answer all my questions or as many u can i really wanna no.
here pics of my truck if it helps.
Thanx to anyone that can give me some information.

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2 Responses to Question about a 2002 F150?

  1. Anno Domini June 26, 2010 at 11:59 pm #

    ok, I wouldn’t, it’s not practical, you should just drive it around and be good to it. That being said, If you are going to do much with the engine, you should get a 5.4L or at least the 4.6L. As for the 4X4, look under the truck, is there a drive shaft going up to a front axle or a way to shift it from inside to 4 wheel drive? If there is then yes you have a 4X4 if there is not, you do not.
    Feel free to change the intake and exhaust but keep all sensors in place but I wouldn’t screw with the throttle body on a fuel infected computer controlled vehicle.All in all have fun with the upgrades and if you are smart and careful you can certainly play a little. These trucks are built well and you can use (and abuse) it like a tough truck. Be prepared to repair it a little and keep up with the maintenance

  2. Karle June 26, 2010 at 11:59 pm #

    no it is not 4×4… least not that i can see form that picture…..and to make if 4×4 will cost u more than buying another truck and selling that one……as for offroading u might b ok in say a field but nothing more……as for damaging the truck by playing with it ur not likely to do much damage if u drive slow….but since its 2 wheel drive if u drive too slow or stop u will get stuck in mud…..

    so my advice would b the next time u go to watch ask some of the ppl there what they think and try out some small stuff… long as ur with some other ppl they can always pull u out if u get stuck……