ram & ramcharger lift kit how big until you have to modify?

ok i bought a 97 ramcharger but a friends has a 92 dodge 4×4 extra cab, and he said anything after a 2” lift you have to modify drive shaft ect, is that true??? i thought any thing over 4” to had to modify???? and dose any body know how to do a lift kit on a budget like what spring on other trucks or just some how to’s that i can make at home thanks

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  1. dodge man May 14, 2010 at 12:05 am #

    he pretty much told you the truth but on that one you might can go a little higher ,but the drive shaft will be off some so you,ll need to change the degree that the rear differential sets at,and some of the drive lines may have to be made longer also,i haven’t ran in to many case that caused problems with drive shafts but 4 inches takes it up a long way,im not that familiar with lifting them so someone else may be able to offer more information on than i can, good luck.

  2. 4X HEMI May 14, 2010 at 12:05 am #

    Never heard of that myself. Most companies that make suspension lifts make them so everything is pretty much in line with the factory specs. I have 9" of lift on my 1500 Ram and have not done anything to the driveshafts.

    When you start putting on bigger tires, then you are going to have to upgrade your front and rear gears! I had 3.92’s in mine from factory and they turned 33’s and 35’s without much of a problem but when I moved up to the 37" tires I had to swap out the gears for 4.56’s.

    All of that and mine still has the factory driveshafts on it.