s10 lift kit?

i need a s10 lift kit. its a 2003 s10 regular cab manual transmission, its also a rear wheel drive not a 4×4. im trying to find a good hight so i don't feel like a small truck. im thinking around 4" to 5" lift. i want to lift it but i dont want just a body lift i want it to have the big shocks and the nice looking hardware. So can you give me a site where i can buy it because i cant find a good one. thx

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One Response to s10 lift kit?

  1. mike m June 14, 2009 at 7:16 am #

    why spend that kind of money on a 2wd. an s10 is a small truck no matter how high you lift it. would be better to consider a bigger truck like a silverado or f 150 or even an old bronco they look great. and if you don't plan on going mudriding it isn't worth the time and effort to jack one up. it will just kill your gas mileage.