Selecting Off-Road Truck Tires for a Four Wheel Drive Vehicle

Going on trails for advanced off-road truck drivers will not only require advanced driving skills but also advanced vehicle parts as well, especially tires.  Tires not only provide traction for your vehicle but also height so that your vehicle can go over obstacles.

Determining the type and size of tire you need for your vehicle will largely depend on what type of driving you want to do.  You might want to consider the amount of driving you do on regular roads as well.  Concrete pavements can cause considerable wear and tear on tires that are made for off-road use.

If the off-road trails that test your skills as a driver are of the most rugged type, then you will need tires capable of handling the terrain.  You will need to be looking for extreme off-road tires that have large lugs and deep treads.  These tires are especially designed to grip on almost any surface and the side walls are reinforced so that they do not get easily damaged.  Extreme off-road tires are great for the trail but not so good for the streets.  You will easily wear out the tires if you drive on the streets at high speeds.

If you drive on the streets as much as you do off-road then you will need all terrain tires.  These tires are designed for off-road truck use but unlike extreme tires, they were modified to be able to handle the streets better.  You will not be able to get the best of both worlds with these tires.  They will not be able to provide you with traction for really difficult terrains and neither comfort for regular street driving.  You will however be able to do both off-road and street driving without having to worry about wearing out your tires too fast.

Vehicles that are hardly used off-road will be better off fitted with all season tires. These are usually called stock tires and are really not made for off-road use.  You will be able to do some off-road driving in them but it is really not recommended to do so.  You can also get all season tires that are large and these are mainly used just for show.  The tires are big but they will not have that aggressive look to them.

If you really want to create a monster out of your truck then you will need to have suspension lift kits installed.  These kits enable you to put on larger truck tires that are capable of navigating extremely rocky terrain. Large truck tires will sure get people looking your way but remember that your vehicle will handle a lot different with them on.

Suspension lift kits and large truck tires raises the center of gravity of your off-road truck.  This simply means that your vehicle can easily tip over and there are some maneuvers that you will need to avoid doing, especially on the streets.  It is okay to have a fierce looking truck but a truck like that can easily do damage to other people’s property if not properly used.


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