should I buy 2002 ford escape XLT 4×4?

Im 100% sure that a Ford Escape is the vehicle for me, but I’m wondering which year and trim to purchase. Right now im looking at a 2002 yellow ford escape 4×4 XLT with 85k miles on it. My budget is around 5000 dollars so this isn’t a bad price I dont think. The vehicles history report is pretty clear (was a leased vehicle by dealer) and is stated to run and drive great with a good transmission. I read some reviews and about half are negative and half are positive. The bad fuel economy is understood but a lot of people wrote that they had to deal with a lot of mechanical problems. Since this escape has 85k miles on it I’m hoping that any ‘bad quality’ problems have already been addressed- in the reviews most of the problems occured at a lower milage. Anyways- this will be my first car and I’m hoping that it will last a good 5 years or so- the weekly driving I need to do is minimal. Anyways… if any of you out there own this type of car please give me a honest owner to owner opinion on what you think i should do.

Thanks Guys!!!

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  1. Sam May 24, 2010 at 7:57 am #

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