Spectre Cold Air Intake reviews/suggestions.?

Im thinking of buying a Spectre Cold Air Intake to put on my 03 F-150 5.4L 4×4 truck. What do you think? Good idea or Bad idea?

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  1. My two cents July 5, 2011 at 7:57 am #

    Pretty and shiney…
    Good way to lighten your wallet and help your fuel MPG by driving around with a lighter load.

    Other then that….Look where the source of the AIR is…the GREAT one designed SPECIFICALY for your truck by Ford takes the COOL outside air through your fender well…. Most likely the pretty one takes the HOT air from inside your engine compartment?

    Go back to your HS science class… What transmits heat to the Air inside the intake better The plastic (insulating) CAI that ford installed in your engine after spending Lots of money designing it so it works the best under all normal driving conditions, or the fancy ALUMINUM (Al is a GREAT conductor of heat) one from Spectre?????

    If you are doing it for "preformance"…. why be so wimpy with just a new HAI…. Go big or go home if you are going to race it.

    Ever drive though a puddle…..does the Spectre one protect against water ingestion ? Hydroloc is a "bad" thing.

    Also if you in CA make SURE you get on with a CARB-EO number or that is listed as 50 state legal by the Mfg…otherwise you will fail your next Smog Check.