Starting a Jeep Offroad Club (Bakersfield Area)

I am wanting to start an off road jeep club in the Bakersfield Area. I want to start something for people that have jeeps and like to hit the trails. everything from stock to lightly modified would be acceptable. All Jeeps would be welcome. I just have no clue on how to start it. Has anyone done this before that could lend a few pointers. Thanks

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One Response to Starting a Jeep Offroad Club (Bakersfield Area)

  1. mybuttstinks2008 May 21, 2009 at 8:35 pm #

    Start by buying a domain name on the web (That way people can find you). Next, advertise your new club at off road shops and local trail heads. Organize a trail day and get a few friends to go with you and bring some fliers to pass out.
    Good Luck