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JEEP 4×4 Cherokee Extreme Off-Road

Front=Opendiff Rear=Opendiff

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what havent i fixed in my gmc sierra 1500 4×4?

I bought a 97 gmc sierra 5.0 4X4 I feel like my truck is driving so slow.i think somethings wrong with it still because i drive 2 differnt types of trucks for work. i will be pushing down the gas and my speed will decrease if i push the gas down to fast. if i […]

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Off-roading tips for beginners

Allan Almeida, Sara Xtreme 4X4 owner, shares some valuable tips on how to get started. Make sure you follow these simple rules whenever you go off-roading. For more from the event check out our blog: toyota-fortuner.co.in

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