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i need a good suv to go on a road trip?

i am going to be driving to origon at the end of the month and i need a good 4×4 suv. i want a manual tranny and a real transfer case. i have looked at nissan pathfinders, toyota 4runners, isuzu troopers and rodeos, and jeep cherokees. out of all of these cars witch one will […]

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I've just about had it with finding a 4×4 SUV with true fold flat seats, any rec's?

What’s with idiot auto’ designers! They designed plenty of SUV’s that are silly! They’re TOO big and TOO useless since all you can haul is 4-6 humans with barely enough space to stuff your dog in the back of it. These things are decked out plush, with DVD and yadda yadda, crap I don’t need […]

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Best 4×4 SUV to lease?

Best 4×4 SUV to lease? I have leased Jeep Grand Cherokee’s for the past 11 years and I Absolutely love them! Because I work and have family in a 20 mile radius all of my Jeeps have turned in at 22,000 or less miles. My current 2 year lease is up soon and will turn […]

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