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Are 4×4 SUV's (not AWD's) better in bad weather than 4×4 pickup trucks?

If you have an SUV with a real 4WD system like the Toyota 4Runner or Nissan X-Terra (NOT AWD folks) then wouldn’t that be a lot better in bad weather than a 4×4 pickup truck? I’m asking because trucks are so light in the rear whereas an SUV, like a car, has more weight in […]

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What makes jeep 4×4 system so special?

Their Always winning 4×4 offroad contest.And being 4×4 of the year.And being called king of the road.And even the grand cherokee models.So what is so special and sets them apart from the others 4×4 systems.What makes the dodge ram 4×4 system different. Their made by the same company. Wouldn’t the jeep just be a ram […]

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