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Where is the fuse for the accessory power for the trailer plug on a 2004 Chevy Silverado?

I tried hooking up an RV that needed the 12V accessory power from the trailer light plug on the back of my truck. I used a volt meter to see if there was 12V and there wasn’t. The wire is there, so I’m guessing the fuse must be blown. I checked both fuse boxes, but […]

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I am considering buying a used 1998 isuzu rodeo, is this a wise decision?

it has 127000 miles, excellent condition, v6 4×4 for 2995.00. the abs light is on but brakes work fine and mechanic said there is a flaw with the light but not the brakes, he replaced the pads. I just need it for local travel, to and from school kinda stuff. i read alot of reviews […]

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2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Window Regulator Problems?

I think I'm just UNLUCKY…I had my right front window regulator replaced but still the window glass is sticking out or not properly placed…not working….the left front window regular is completely out of order..I refused to get it fixed from the corrupt dealers 'cause they charge way too much…If I buy like from eBay the […]

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