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Does anyone know much about the steering parts on a 1989 Toyota SR5 Pickup, which is a 4×4?

I am finally making some headway on the name of parts. I found the part between the inner tie rod ends is called the center link (there was some other name for it on another website), with the part number of 101-4250. The center link has a protrusion on the side nearest to the left […]

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Does anyone know the names of all the suspension parts on a 1989 Toyota SR5 4×4 Pickup with a 3.0 engine?

I have been looking for a concise diagram of all the parts but I cannot find anything that is clear as to what my truck has. There is some bar that connects to the sway bar, stabilizer bar, or sway stabilizer near the driver’s end. Yeah, I find different names for this one part all […]

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