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What is the largest tire that will fit under a '95 stock Tahoe?

I have a 1995 4×4 2dr Chevy Tahoe. It’s all stock. I have street tires on it now but I’m looking to get some AT’s/MT’s or something and go a little bigger. So, how big of a tire could I fit under it stock? What about if I lift it 2-3inches? I suppose I’d just […]

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totaled truck and Insurance offer is way too low?

i recently was in an accident with my 2009 Chevrolet Half Ton Silverado 4×4 LT Extended Cab truck. on the freeway the front left tire blew out on my stock rims and tires with only 10000 kilometers on them, and it was very wet so i lost control and we slid into the grassy median, […]

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What is the biggest tire i can put on a 15 x 8 rim?

I am considering putting a body lift and a suspension lift on my truck (1997 Chevy Blazer) and getting new rims and tires.I would like to put swamper tires on it.The rims that i am considering are 15" diameter x 8" wide … what is the biggest tires i would be able to have mounted […]

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