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What is the largest tire that will fit under a '95 stock Tahoe?

I have a 1995 4×4 2dr Chevy Tahoe. It’s all stock. I have street tires on it now but I’m looking to get some AT’s/MT’s or something and go a little bigger. So, how big of a tire could I fit under it stock? What about if I lift it 2-3inches? I suppose I’d just […]

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What is the most reliable full size 4×4 SUV? Older model 1998-2004?

I am looking to purchase a very reliable, tough full size SUV with a good four wheel drive for the snow….ex. Chevy Tahoe, Suburban…Ford Expedition etc…Would love to know what the best year/model is, or experiences you have? Thanks… Any tips on good places to find used quality SUV’s in Northern California or else where…?

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