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What is the steepest angle of rock slab that a 4×4 suv or truck could theoretically climb?

Like a Land Rover or Hummer, for example. Without a winch or any means of support other than it’s own 4 wheels, before it’s CG would make it tip over backwards? Assume that is has plenty of power and power is not the limiting factor. I was arguing with a guy who said that several […]

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What all-season tires (brand) works best for a Land Rover (specifically Freelander SE AWD)?

I own a 2005 Land Rover Freelander SE AWD and I am having trouble finding which all-season brand to match with them. All the reviews seem to be for people who race there cars or use them for sport cars, not for small SUV’s, so it is hard to put a finger on which ones […]

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