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What would be the best 4×4 truck or Suv I could take through 2 years of highschool and college?

My parents are getting me a new car next year and im doing research I currently have a 1994 ford explorer but it’s getting passed on to my younger brother who gets his license next year. The driving age is 14 here so I’ve already had it for almost two years. I’m getting either a […]

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Best 4×4 truck for towing a atv and 18 foot boat, with best gas milage?

Im looking to buy a newish used 4×4 truck that can tow an ATV for sure and possible a 18 foot boat (not at the same time) that gets has decent gas mileage. The boats not as big a deal as the gas mileage and atv and if it resulted in getting much better gas […]

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Can anyone tell me what useful purpose it serves to 'lift' a 4×4 pickup truck?

I have owned dozens of 4×4 vehicles over the years and never needed anything more than stock ride height for driving in snow and extreme weather conditions, as well as off-road service and towing. As I see it, all you are doing by ‘lifting’ a truck is raising the center of gravity and screwing up […]

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