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most reliable/simple diesel pickup?

I’ve got a 96 civic LX and I was looking to trade (or trade+cash) for a diesel pickup. The most important thing I’m looking for in the truck would be simplicity and reliability. I’ve been quoted that the 1987 Ford F250 6.9 is like working on an old John Deere which would be great. I […]

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DODGE/TRUCK ENTHUSIASTS What Spark Plugs Do I Use On My 6" Lifted RAM 2500?

I just bought a nice 2500 Dodge RAM V8 5.9 4X4 96′ rebuilt engine/new tranny. To me It consumes LOTS OF GAS, 14 mpg everywhere and going up hill to the mountains (not towing) maybe 7 mpg. I can’t handle this and It’s not even very powerful (check engine light NOT on). I believe It […]

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Do any 4 cylinder 4X4 trucks or SUV's exist that are comfortable for a tall guy like myself?

I’m 6’5" and I just can’t afford a 6 or 8 cylinder truck or suv that gets 12-16 MPG, but I can’t seem to find a 4 cylinder vehicle that comfortable for me outside of a Ford Ranger pickup truck. I’d buy a 4X4 Ford Ranger in a second if they weren’t so bad on […]

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