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Are 4×4 SUV's (not AWD's) better in bad weather than 4×4 pickup trucks?

If you have an SUV with a real 4WD system like the Toyota 4Runner or Nissan X-Terra (NOT AWD folks) then wouldn’t that be a lot better in bad weather than a 4×4 pickup truck? I’m asking because trucks are so light in the rear whereas an SUV, like a car, has more weight in […]

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Can I run my truck through the car wash with off road lights mounted to the roof? Will it damage them?

I’ve got a mildly lifted 2007 Nissan Xterra that I want to mount a light bar with 4 off road lights with the roof rack. My Xterra is my daily driver and I use it to advertise my mortgage business, and it’s black, so it gets dirty easily. Since it needs to look clean for […]

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i need a good suv to go on a road trip?

i am going to be driving to origon at the end of the month and i need a good 4×4 suv. i want a manual tranny and a real transfer case. i have looked at nissan pathfinders, toyota 4runners, isuzu troopers and rodeos, and jeep cherokees. out of all of these cars witch one will […]

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