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Is running a 8 ply off road tire, rated to 65 psi dangerous on a Chevy 2500 HD truck? Dealer put those on it?

The Chevy dealer sold me BF Goodrich LT285/75R16, 8 ply off road tires with my truck. I had a blowout, and the tire store says these are underrated for my 3/4 ton truck. They said I need a tire capable of holding at least 80 PSI, this one holds 65. I am going back to […]

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Have a few questions regarding off road tires for my 4×4 truck.?

My knowledge on the subject of off Road tires is somewhat lacking– I could really use some advise/info please… I’ve been researching new tires for my 2002 Chevy Z71 4×4 truck. I’ve found 2 that I like & think will work for my needs. But I want to make sure those with more experience than […]

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