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2009 Jeep Wrangler – Screaming Noise When Cranked, Will Not Start?

Hello, Earlier this afternoon, I took my 2009 Jeep Wrangler (Manual, 3.8l V6, with aftermarket 32" tires) out to enjoy some of the rather deep snows we’ve had here in Northwest Indiana recently. I got myself stuck a few times, and after some constant clutch pedal-playing in 4×4 High, managed to work my way out […]

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General Tire Extreme Traction Grabber Tires for Both On and Off Road

www.4wheelparts.com – General Tire extreme traction Grabber tires are a fantastic choice because of their unique ability to run smooth and quiet on paved roads while still getting outstanding off road traction. The trick is in the tread. On paved roads, the pattern is relatively smooth and mild, but once you hit off road conditions […]

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Are 4×4 SUV's (not AWD's) better in bad weather than 4×4 pickup trucks?

If you have an SUV with a real 4WD system like the Toyota 4Runner or Nissan X-Terra (NOT AWD folks) then wouldn’t that be a lot better in bad weather than a 4×4 pickup truck? I’m asking because trucks are so light in the rear whereas an SUV, like a car, has more weight in […]

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