tell me bout the difference on a a jeep 4×4?

IM looking to get A jeep grand cherkoie 2003 my question is bout the 4×4 it has 4×4 part time 4 hi and 4 low could someone plz explain it to me thanks and also can i shift into 4×4 whn im driving or does it hv to b in netural thank u again

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  1. Nigel M June 6, 2009 at 3:15 pm #

    1st – regarding shifting in and out of 4WD – Read your owners manual for the proceedure, as it varies from vehicle to vehicle. Our '05 Liberty's manual says that you should be rolling, and shift into neutral before you shift the transfer case. I had a friend with a Tracker, it's manual said you should be stopped, put it in neutral, shift the transfer case, then back up a little before proceeding forward. Once in 4WD with it, you could shift between hi and lo while rolling, but the transmission needed to be shifted into neutral first. For shifting out 4WD, you had to do the stop and back up thing. This was because it had auto locking hubs.

    "Part-time" 4WD is to be used only on vary slippery conditions like snow, dirt roads, etc.

    4 hi provides the same gearing as 2WD – thus you might use it for travelling along a snow covered road.

    4 lo provides low speed gearing – for use crawling along a trail. Max spee will be quite low, like 40 mph or less. This range also consumes a great deal of fuel – 2X of 4 hi, but provides the power to climb very steep grades, and the control to come down very steep grades. By steep, I mean much steeper than you would find on any paved road.

  2. drag1line June 6, 2009 at 3:15 pm #

    You do not have full time or the transfer case that would allow you to select full time four wheel drive.
    You can only use this type of four wheel drive on snow, or dirt, no matter whether it is high or low.
    You can..but not recommend, shift to 4 high on the go at STEADY speed and straight, but again, must be on slippery conditions. Four low. You should stop, do to neutral shift to 4 low and back to drive. Reverse to get out of it.
    Good Luck

  3. Tech19 June 6, 2009 at 3:15 pm #

    i think you are looking at the V6 because it has 4×4 part time, and the 4 hi and 4 low are used when you you need more toque for towing or have snow or mud or what ever under you and need to get out, but if you just driving in normal conditions you wont use it

    i have the 02 grand Cherokee limited with th V8 and i have the 4 low and high but a bit different