The 2015 Wrangler Jeep Review



The 2015 Wrangler Jeep is ranked nineteenth out of the available 23 Affordable Compact SUVs. Based on published reviews and test drives of the Jeep Wrangler, this ranking was done. The 2015 Wrangler Jeep is ranked nineteenth in Affordable Compact SUVs; for Affordable SUVs with 2 Rows, it is ranked twenty-third and it ranks tenth in Off-Road SUVs.
The 2015 Wrangler Jeep has an extraordinary skillfulness off-road, reviewers can attest to this. However, it is impractical for most drivers due to its lack of standard features and the quality of its rough ride.
The 2015 Wrangler Jeep possesses a V6 engine mated to a six-speed manual transmission. Most reviewers can affirm that the Wrangler isn’t very fast on the highway, but it has an appropriate amount of power for short distance journeys. Despite all this, most automotive journalists still complain that its engine is noisy and below standard. With 17/21 mpg city/highway, the Wrangler Jeep gains poor fuel economy estimates for the class. However, those figures are almost the same as other off-road-oriented SUVs. The 2015 Wrangler Jeep comes standard with a part-time four-wheel drive, and reviewers say it can go through almost every area (on the earth-crust) with ease. This makes it one of the best off-road vehicles available in the market. However, reviewers also add that its rugged nature shows during its rough ride and its weighty handling on paved roads.
Some reviewers say the 2015 Wrangler Jeep’s front seats offer fair comfort, while others say its firm suspension and noisy cabin make the Wrangler Jeep uncomfortable for an average short distance journey. That the two-door Wrangler’s rear seats have little head and legroom, and are hard to climb into is what most reviewers say. Nevertheless, test drivers say that the four-door Wrangler’s unlimited back seat has a little bit more space for adults. Some critics like the good forward visibility, this is due to the Wrangler’s high commanding view of the road, but they wish the rearward visibility was better.
The 2015 Wrangler Jeep comes standard with front and rear auxiliary power outlets, satellite radio, a soft top, and an eight-speaker stereo. Features found in the Jeep includes power door locks, Bluetooth, power windows, a USB port, navigation, a removable hardtop, air conditioning, a touch-screen infotainment system, remote start, a nine-speaker Alpine stereo system, and automatic climate control. The 2015 Wrangler Jeep comes with less standard features than most SUVs in the class, but reviewers like the Wrangler’s simple interior design and easy controls.

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