The Right Off Road Tires at the Right Price

There is very little in the world that says “EXTREME” quite like driving an off road truck through an uncharted and unpaved area in an unknown location. The mud slinging as your truck’s wheels madly spin to get traction, the roar of the engine as it turn in a desperate effort to push the truck up that steep incline, the adrenaline pumping through your veins in the uncertainty of the whole experience. Well, all that comes much later, after very thorough and well-planned preparation, which starts with selecting a good set of off road tires.

There is a wide variety of tire types and manufacturers to select from, and each tire type is designed for a specific purpose. For daily drives and light off-road travels, you’re usually safe to go with radial tires. These tires are usually designed to give you a very smooth ride on both road and hindering weather conditions such as rain and snow. They can also be used for slight off-road trails that normal tire wouldn’t be able to handle. You should be careful in selecting your trail with these tires however, as they would easily get you stuck in slushy or muddy conditions for their lack of traction. These are usually the stock tires that would come with your truck when you buy them from the dealer.

For the more harsh outdoor conditions that you would prefer to jump into, there are specialized tires that exist to cater to the child in you. The mid-range of off road tires provides heavier traction for truly off-road conditions. This is for the off-road enthusiast who wants to explore the back country and not have to worry about losing grip when he really needs it. A good set of tires will have deep grooves that will really help your vehicle grip into the loose terrain.

Even the most extreme of off roaders will not be disappointed because they have their own selection of tires too. A quick glance at the grooves on these rubbers will give you the impression that you’ll be giving your truck a pair of athlete’s spiked football shoes. The grooves on these tires are extremely deep, and are only meant to be used for very muddy or slippery terrain. These are not for the typical weekend off roader who only rides for fun; these are for serious off-roaders who will be taking on the toughest of hills, rocks, muddy slopes and water that nature can conjure up. Unfortunately sets like these cost quite a fortune, but come with a guarantee that they will last no matter how battered and bruised they are.

The importance of choosing the right tire cannot be emphasized enough. Tires are your truck’s first and foremost contact with the ground, and coming unprepared will risk more than just wrecking up your vehicle – it can ultimately cost you your life. So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest tire dealer, pick your destination and get ready to conquer the great outdoors!

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