totaled truck and Insurance offer is way too low?

i recently was in an accident with my 2009 Chevrolet Half Ton Silverado 4×4 LT Extended Cab truck. on the freeway the front left tire blew out on my stock rims and tires with only 10000 kilometers on them, and it was very wet so i lost control and we slid into the grassy median, and the truck hooked on a rut and rolled 3 times. we were not injured, just shaken. my insurance examined the truck, and concluded that the frame was twisted and no body panel was salvageable, therefore it was deemed totaled. my insurance guy, whom we’ve been with for 4 years, told me my truck was worth ,000. the truck is ,700 new, and only has 10,000 kms on it and was in perfect shape, so you’d imagine it would be worth more than ,000. local classifieds say that a similarly configured truck is worth over ,000. i argued and faxed numerous proof over to my agent, but he insists the truck is worth no more than 22. what am i supposed to do?

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  1. wcboopster September 9, 2010 at 4:49 am #

    they go by book value redbook books are now availiable to consumers have a look at the values dont include assessories just vehicle value fight it out withthem if you think you will win tho expect it to be awhile dont like forking out the money next time have your car appraised and insure it for the value of the car not book value theres a difference state farm use to do it automaticlly dont know about now days tho good luck keep up a worthwhile fight

  2. amdbryan September 9, 2010 at 4:49 am #

    Get a loyer dont back off the loyer will easily get you a lot more.