Toyota Tacoma 4 cylinder question on power and performance.?

I used to own a 4 cylinder single cab toyota with over-sized tires and a manuel transmission 4×4. Sold it and I am regretting it.

My question, does an extended cab toyota tacoma with a manuel transmission has a considerable amount less pick up and power than a single cab with over-sized tires? (don’t remember the exact dimensions of the tires, but they filled up the wheel well and was told I could not go bigger without lifting the truck and they never rubbed the frame).

I would keep stock tires on the extended cab.

I am looking for a comparison between the two any advice is greatly appreciated. Both manuel transmission with the 2.7 Liter engine.
Also, any in site on if either has frequent types of problems.

Thanks ahead of time. Any personal experiences are greatly appreciated. Don’t know if the V6 is in my budget, just a hunting truck.

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One Response to Toyota Tacoma 4 cylinder question on power and performance.?

  1. Toyota Obsession May 23, 2010 at 4:48 am #

    The extended Cab has the same power and "pickup" as the standard cab. You aren’t adding that much weight with an Extended Cab.

    The biggest tire you run on a stock rig is 32’s. But more likely you had 31’s.

    You’ll be fine with the extended cab.