Truck likely writen off… A few questions about what happens now? (in Saskatchewan, Canada)?

Ok, so first a little background. I am 16 so i have no clue how any of this stuff works, and want to know a little bit of what my options are. I had just gotten off school and was driving home when i got in an acsident with some girl from my school. I am not at fault, cops were called and her vehicle was towed off the scene (wasnt driveable). Mine was able to drive home after pulling the bumper back from the tire. My truck is a 1989 Ford Ranger STX (2.9L V6, manual trans, 4×4 with 292XXXkms on it. But runs and drives great. Love this truck… 🙁

1. I have been told by people that they will most likely record my truck as a "Total loss" and wreck it since it is a older truck. And that they will probably only give me somewhere around 1000 for it, giving me the option to buy the truck back at 10% of the value they deside the truck is worth. Is this how it works?

2. Is there a way i can find out what the "value" of my truck is? Is it just based off of how much these trucks usually sell for online or something? Is anyone able to tell me what a typical truck like mine is worth?

3. The way i understand it, if they salvage it and give me 1000 dollars, i can buy it back for 100 and fix it myself right? This would require getting it saftied again… Is it even possible for me to get my truck good enough to pass a safety being this old? Can it be done for (about) what i got for it being wrecked?

4. Someone told me that it is possible to reject SGI’s first offer to buy it off of me and put in salvage… Is this in any way true? The guy told me that someone he knew had his subaru totalled off a few times and he just said no to the offers untill they gave him more. Like, if they only wanted to give me 1000 for my truck, could i reject that offer and have them make a bigger offer? Lol i hear they are real low-ballers 🙁

Thank you for your input. Just trying to understand how this all works and see if there is still a way to keep my truck. If there is any other imprtant or relivant info, feel free to inform me of that as well. I apreciate it 🙂

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One Response to Truck likely writen off… A few questions about what happens now? (in Saskatchewan, Canada)?

  1. Gambit June 18, 2011 at 2:35 am #

    1. As no one here has any idea what the damages to your vehicle are no one here can say if your vehicle is a total loss. However judging by the age of the vehicle I doubt it would take much for the damages to exceed the value even in a minor accident. I’m not sure what a 1989 Ford Ranger goes for in your neck of the woods, but to be quite honest $1,000 sounds pretty reasonable as a market value. If you want to keep the vehicle they would give you market value minus the salvage value. You’ll have to ask the adjuster at SGI what the salvage value is.
    2. Look online and in local newspapers and see if you can see what they are selling for. You’ll probably have to look province wide since you’re not going to find too many 1989 Ford Rangers.
    3. Once again as no one here has any clue what the damages to your vehicle are no one here knows if your vehicle can be made road worthy or how much it’s going to cost to do this. Yes your vehicle will have to pass a safety inspection in order for it to be considered road worthy. However unless the damage was purely cosmetic I doubt you’ll be able to do it for less than $1,000, even with used parts.
    4. You can reject the offer all you like, however if you cannot prove the vehicle is worth more than what they are offering then you’re just wasting your own time. By proof I mean presenting local ads showing that the vehicle is being sold on the market for more than what they are offering, so unless you’re prepared to do some homework don’t bother going down this route.