Uk people pleeeeezzzzzzz answer?

I am following a Fashion Design and Product Development degree program. We have a fashion show at the end of our course and have to design several new dresses (Collection). As an initial part of it, we have to write a report about our new designs those are going to be developed at the end of the course. There we must write about a segment of ladies in UK who are targeted by our collection. Here the word segment is used to mean the people who have a particular salary level and fashionable ideas. That means I want some information to be inserted into the following sample paragraph.

She is a married (married/unmarried/divorced) fashionable (must love fashions and have some free time for that) lady lives in Kensington, UK (a place in London or Kensington, a place near Sloane Street is more preferred). Her age is 33(age must be 30-40). She is a Journalist (an occupation which offers an income more than 50,000£ annually) and has an annual income of 50,000£ (her annual income). She has this much of education (Some rough idea about her educational details i.e. have a bachelor degree). She often seeks for fashion brands such as Fendi, D&G (Fashion brands which she likes to buy her clothes, if she likes “Gareth Pugh” brand then it is more preferred).

In addition to the above details I need to know what she does in her leisure time, clubs she goes, how she spend her holidays/vacations (where she goes and what she does), what are the vehicles that she has (a BMW car or Jeep etc.), foods she usually eats (also any special food that she likes to eat often), Music, Films and TV shows that she prefers, names of Magazines that she reads (Fashion, Political, Cultural, Religious)

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