Was 1998 a good year for Chevy 2500 series pickups?

Consumer Reports does not go back this far, so I’m just trying to figure out if 1998 was a good year for Chevy as far as the engine, transmission, etc are concerned.

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One Response to Was 1998 a good year for Chevy 2500 series pickups?

  1. gokart121 September 7, 2010 at 10:35 am #

    use your Google. Type in the model year and iformation and look for ‘consumer reviews, also check for recall information, that should give you some kind of an idea as to the info you’re looking for.

    I would also say that I don’t care who built it, or what guarantees they make for it, it’s still a mechanical device, and eventually they succumb to the usual problems, wear and tear, weathering, flexing, engine hours etc. If you wanna have a good vehicle, be prepared to buy one that you like for whatever reasons or options you prefer, and start digging up information on spare parts, manuals, etc. Get a good set of wrenches, or find a good local mechanic to have your rig undergo an annual ‘checkup’. Vehicles run on money, not on fuel…