What all is different between a car with 4×4 and one without?

Obviously I know that a truck equipped with 4×4 has the option of giving power to all 4 wheels, but are all the other parts the same as the same truck with only 2wd? Like, suspension, gears, whatever else.

Also, how much does the second drivetrane weigh? How much more does it make the car weigh?

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  1. Sean August 21, 2010 at 4:53 am #

    Suspension is typically slightly taller, slightly stiffer to control the motion of the extra weight. Sometimes they put a different rear axle in 4×4 trucks than 4×2, sometimes not. As for the weight…Depending on the parts used, it can vary. A transfer case can weigh anywhere from 80lbs (for an NV231 or toyota transfer case) to 180lbs, and a front axle starts, fully loaded, at about 200lbs and can weigh as much as probably 300-350lbs for something really heavy duty like a Dana 60. Driveshaft and a couple other things can add probably another 50-100lbs.

  2. rick29148 August 21, 2010 at 4:53 am #

    A 4×2 pick-up, for instance, has the engine, then tranny, drive shaft, and finally the rear drive axle. A 4×4 would have the engine, tranny, then there is a transfer case at the back end of the tranny. This transfer case has one input, from the tranny, but two outputs: One to the rear axle, and a second one off the front side of the case, the drive the front axle. The 4×4 usually has heavier springs then a 4×2, and, of course, the front axle is all together different. Also, the ride height is usually a bit higher, to make room for the front axle drive shaft to go under the side of the engine. Weight, just a guess, but probably 500# or so on a half-ton truck.

  3. Ray August 21, 2010 at 4:53 am #

    The 4×4 has transfer gear box and front differential with four position shifter 4L,4H,2WL,and neutral.are they the same like 2Wd ? no… the 2Wd output shaft goes directly to the differential (rear) 4×4 output shaft goes directly to the 4×4 transfer gear box .some 4×4 tells you to put the trans in neutral before selecting either 4L,4H,2Wd,or neutral others don’t .how much does it weigh ? (300-400 LBS.)and just add up the rest .you could also find the total weight on the door-jam driver side…

  4. Ghost August 21, 2010 at 4:53 am #

    Two wheel drive does not have a transfer case to drive the front and rear axle in stead it just has a drive train to either drive the front two or rear two wheels. But yes all the other parts are the same unless it is a 4 wheeling vehicle or heavy trailer hauling vehicle, that’s were the term "drives like a 4 wheel drive" comes from because the suspension is tighter, besides that as far as i know all the gears are the same and everything else.