What are the best off-road tires (and accessories) for 99 QX4?

I recently bought a 99 Infiniti QX4. The tires still have some life left on them, but I’m already starting to look for new ones. I LOVE to off-road – mud, snow, even some lighter rock crawling are all good by me. What would you recommend for my new tire purchase (if there’s a good tire that’ll fit the stock wheels, I’d look at that first, if not, then what wheel/tire combo)? Also, would you recommend any other must-have accessories? Skid plates, lockers? What kind? Where can I get them? I am only looking for these upgrades to cost under ,000, hopefully less, so no fancy stuff, please.

Thanks for your help!
Hmmm, thanks Rick, but not super helpful.
I don’t plan on buying everything right now, I just don’t plan on spending over ,000 right now. I know there are tires available for original wheels, that can tackle at least moderate off-roading. I also know that I can fit larger wheels/tires on there without a lift kit.

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  1. Rick C September 1, 2010 at 4:44 pm #

    i don’t believe that you’ll find all of that for under $2,000. I also don’t know of ANYONE who makes a lift kit if you’re going bigger tires, lockers, or really any aftermarket accessories. you may be able to have a custom set made specifically for your application but that’s definitely going to cost you more than $2,000. as for MUST-HAVE accessories…… a friend who’s a tow truck driver lol…..