what do i need, to start building a off road baja truck…?

i have a dodge ramcharger that I am planning to race in the baja 1000 in Nov. what parts are needed? or what do I need to start preparing for? Please help.

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  1. boogie_4wheel June 10, 2009 at 2:39 pm #

    Swap in some 1-ton axles! They are heavier, but they are stronger than the 5-lugs you got on it now. Steal the axles from under an old 250 or 350 Dodge truck, they will ALMOST be a direct swap.

    Some remote reservoir shocks will be good (being remote it will help with heat buildup). Soft springs but long travel suspension. Beef up the steering; use heim joints over tie rods they are stronger. You don't want to punch out because you used a stock tie rod end. If you've got a lot of extra cash you could benefit from those gas-charged bump stops (have a few inches of travel and help smooth out a situation that you bottom out the axle). The axle hits them before it compresses all the way, it is like having an overload spring I'm sorry I can't think of what they are called.

    Good pair of seats, and 4-point harness. Nothing less!!! Carry a fire extinguisher that is easy to get to by both you and your navigator.

    Carry 2 spare tires, spre u-joints, maybe a spare axle shaft, tools to replace all this crap, air filter, tow strap, a really good jack and a piece of wood or something to place the jack on to keep it from sinking in the ground (I carry both a hilift and a bottle jack offroad), a pry-bar to bed any bent sheet metal away from tires. Carry some spare lugnuts and studs. Spare fluids brake, steering, tranny, gear.

    Gut the rig. Remove any extra weight (some heavy steel bumpers, any extra other crap).

    Lighting. Don't skimp YOU WILL BE OUT THERE WHILE IT IS DARK! Then make sure you got enough alternator to push all the lights. Make sure your battery is very well secured!

  2. dpihl June 10, 2009 at 2:39 pm #

    a 700 horse power engine really expensive shocks full rollcage specific tires racing seats full harnesses and a ton of money and hours also some sponsers