What do you think about 2008 Rav4 made by Toyota?

Is it good car?
Please review the specifications
2008 Toyota RAV 4
4X4, V6, Limited Model
Thanks in advance

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2 Responses to What do you think about 2008 Rav4 made by Toyota?

  1. Soni H May 28, 2009 at 12:46 am #

    If you get a chance, grab a Consumer Reports Auto Special magazine or even the December 2007 issue – they rate the RAV4 the best SUV out there. On a personal note, I have compared the RAV4 to its competitors such as the CR-V, Rogue, etc. In the first place, the RAV4 is the ONLY SUV to give you a full-size spare tire, which makes it a big winner in my book right there, since I don't have to change my tires TWICE if I get a flat (once for the stupid little donut, and then again to get my regular tire back on!), AND I can still drive at normal highway speeds instead of "limiting" myself to under 45mph – a pain if I'm going to a far-away-place on vacation. Then there are the other advantages – the standard dual zone climate control, etc., but I think above all else the clincher for me would have to be the bullet-proof reliability that Toyotas are famous for – you will EASILY get at LEAST 200k miles if you buy it… without any problems whatsoever!!! Here is a link that compares the features of the RAV4 with some other competing models – note that quite a few of them do not even OFFER a V-6!!!



  2. jmb162000 May 28, 2009 at 12:46 am #

    YES- it is quick, an awesome vehicle, extremely reliable and for some strange (yet unsurprising ) reason if slightly tuned will blow the doors off a mustang gt lol. You cannot go wrong with a Toyota, especially a new one! I believe it has an almost 300HP 3.5 v-6 and it does get great fuel mileage. I bought an FJ cruiser and a 2006 tacoma with a 4.0 v-6 and they are great. My cousin has the new rav 4 as well. BUY IT!!!!