what does it mean to have a different gear ratio in my 4×4 jeep?

i do a little off roading and would like to get serious about climbing stuff with it. but i also want to use it to drive to work what so i need to look for and what do the different ratios mean?

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  1. ChevyPride0310 September 2, 2010 at 10:18 am #

    higher # means the gearing is actually lower. Lower gear ratio lets you use the low end torque of the engine which helps you pull so you’d need low gearing if you want to climb. But the draw back to that is if you go to low of differential gears (higher #) it won’t be as good on the road. You can forget about driving it on the interstate. Also it will lower your gas mileage but if you care more for performance than gas mileage (like me) you won’t care about mpg. I don’t know enough about which gear ratios would be best but you should go on truck and 4×4 forums. I know you’d need at least a 4.10 ratio but that probably wouldn’t be low enough depending on how hardcore you’d be on climbing and off-roading. Maybe 4.56 gears. but go on 4×4 forums preferably Jeep forums, they’ll know a lot more.

  2. Dan September 2, 2010 at 10:18 am #

    Ratios are ratios anywhere.
    Like your transmission, low axles gears pull you away from a stop or help climb but don’t allow you to go fast.
    High gear allow you to speed but it is hard to pull away from stop or climb
    Ratios are inverse, higher numbers mean lower ratios, so in transmissions 2.5 :1 is low and 1:1 is high.
    In axles your stock ratio will be about 3.5:1, for bigger rock climbing move DOWN to 4.2:1 but mileage suffers more than the climbing gains, especially on that 50 mile trip just to get to the rock pile.
    Obviously you will need matching ratios in both axles.
    Axle work is very demanding with critical clearances.