what havent i fixed in my gmc sierra 1500 4×4?

I bought a 97 gmc sierra 5.0 4X4

I feel like my truck is driving so slow.i think somethings wrong with it still because i drive 2 differnt types of trucks for work. i will be pushing down the gas and my speed will decrease if i push the gas down to fast. if i wanted to do a burnout(which i dont my tires suck) i couldnt because i would have to release the gas quickly to let it catch up. its some sort of delay and a unusual idle. im really hoping you can come up with an answer cause i have put so much work/money/effort into it. And everyones telling me that the only reason it drives like crap is because its crap with wheels. and im starting to beleive please help!!

ive replaced a drive shaft(hole), catatilic converter(was dead),fuel injectors,gas sender (dead),gas tank(hole),spark plugs,sparkplug wires,radiator(hole),fan belt,belt tensioner,adjusted distributor cap,all brakes,power steering hose(hole)

after all the parts i put into it its still has some problem with it. after Replacing my gas sender it felt like it made a good difference but not the difference i was looking for.

Seperate questoin: When its in 4×4 it runs fine STRAIGHT but if i turn at all i get this weird rubbing like noise. and thats turning both left right and backwards. if i turn less slightly the noise reduces.Also i my 2wheel drive Low doesnt work. i THINK it blinks then turns off not sure. I can live without 4×4 for poverty sake but i dont wanna take my trucks balls away. can u help us?
. i think im going to take it to shop for comp scan.yes i have push 4wd. so r u saying that whatevers wrong with my 2wdL can affect 2wdH? and also i heard from someone that in the transfer case sometimes in gmc’s it can seize from a pin not sure dont know transfer cases and all u have to do is oil up?

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2 Responses to what havent i fixed in my gmc sierra 1500 4×4?

  1. Dan English June 25, 2011 at 12:01 am #

    For starters not trying to trash talk yo ur truck but its a 305 and they lack alot of power its not just your tires, with the decrease in speed issue sounds like a fuel pressure problem it could also be an engine miss that would explain the idle or, computer problem ect take it to a shop for 20 bucks get them to run the codes and they can possibly tell you… now with 4wd and locked in do not make tight turns and heavy on the gas only use it when absolutely needed never on hard dry ground and NEVER on pavement you will snap a front axle or worse bust the differential or transfer case the rubbing noise is the gears and joints trying to keep up because the front two tires are locked unlike limited slip in the rear. Do you have push button 4wd or is it shifter on floor? If button its more than likely bad the pressure contacts go bad alot if its floor its still controlled by elec. Check fuse wire and maybe vacuum lines on t-case. You don’t need to drop the front driveshaft and do not need "Special" spark plugs autolight brand and ones like it are just fine and cheaper hope this helps

  2. SANCHO June 25, 2011 at 12:01 am #

    have you checked the propper fuel pressure? manufacturer specs are 65 p.s.i. at service port, you can acces it easly, it almost looks like a valve cap on the fuel rail, if the pressure is within the required specs, you might want to consider an "INTERNAL" fuel injectors cleaning, this is done only by experts, the propper way to do it is by removing the fuel pump relay, installing line pluggers on both fuel lines, (so no fluid goes back to fuel tank), many parts dealers such as AUTOZONE, KRAGGEN ect ect, can provide you with the adequate solvent type of cleaner, how ever, not just any one can or has the know how on how to do it, i would recomend to take it to a big car repair shop such as PEPBOYS, SEARS AUTO CENTER, OR EVEN A TUNE-UP MASTERS for such procedure, also, your truk should run on LASER PLATINUM or IRIDIUM spark plugs, these types of spark plugs run on a more eficient fuel burning method, also a clean air filter will add to the mpg, one problem i see on both of your trucks are the front differentials, its very common to get that type of lagg or tire burn out when making tight turns, also having a front differential will decrease the speed making your truck more sluggish, consider taking of the front drive shaft, very easly done, just remove the bolts going to the front differential, and the bolts going to the transfer case, and take it for a test drive, if im correct you will find that take off is lots faster, and also no tire burn on tight turns, if you wish to keep the 4×4 capabilties take your truk to a certified differential repair shop, you will most likely have issues with the electronic transfer case controls due to metal wearout on such differentials n there fore it causes your light to blink and the low gear not to work.