What I need on a truck?? What Year should I get?


I really want a Ford F150(which I know I’m going to get regardless) but I want a ’92-’96. Do you think I should get an older model like I want or get a newer one with less problems (I’m not very mechanically inclined but am very willing to learn).

Also I was sorta leaning toward gets a manual/ stick shift pros cons?

4×4?? It’s more expensive with the insurance do you think it’s worth it?

What about the 4×4 with manual hubs is it to much of a pain in the butt?

Okay this may be the stupidest question yet but does the bed length make a difference? I was leaning towards a short bed but if I get a regular cab(doesn’t have a backseat at all) I wouldn’t mind a long bed.

Okay last question what combination of lift and bigger tires can i put on it and still be able to haul safely?

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3 Responses to What I need on a truck?? What Year should I get?

  1. William c June 7, 2010 at 11:59 pm #

    1: If you don’t mind shifting gears than manual would be a better choice: better gas millage and faster acceleration.

    2:4×4 would probably be less for insurance, but it would also be a little worse on gas.

    3: It’s not a big deal to get out and switch the hubs unless your in mud or something.

    4: Unless you’re planning on hauling lots of stuff I’d go for the extended cab for more interior room.
    Hope this was helpful

  2. happy2b_white June 7, 2010 at 11:59 pm #

    I bought a 1993 F150 2WD recently, paid $2,000 and put another $2,000 into reconditioning (water pump, tires, alignment. shocks, u-joints, and windshield) It’s a supercab, bucket seats, power windows, power door locks, factory stereo and towing package.

    If you buy one with a stick shift you’ll get really tired of pushing that clutch pedal. I’d get an automatic.

    Manual front hubs are best if you get a 4×4

    The wheelbase is the same whether it’s a long bed or a supercab.

    The towing capacity doesn’t change when you do a lift kit and/or bigger wheels and tires.

  3. PETER H June 7, 2010 at 11:59 pm #

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