What is a good Truck/SUV for off road riding?

I want to buy a truck or maybe an SUV for off road driving that is under 10k. I don’t really want an SUV but if there is a really good one then maybe i will consider. I would also like to know if lift kits or suspension kits on a truck are better for off road driving then just regular lift?
I also want this car to be pretty modern, the latest 1990’s.


2 Responses to What is a good Truck/SUV for off road riding?

  1. The Champ July 1, 2010 at 9:30 am #

    there are many good off roaders for under 10grand. One of the best is the Toyota PickUp of the 1980s. They are light, economical, virtually indestructable, and unstoppable off road. The SUV version is the 4runner. Also the CJ Jeeps, Ford Broncos and Chevy Blazers are good but they are SUVs. The later 90s Chevy Z71 and Ram 1500 4X4 are also good more modern trucks which will fit in your price range and fit in your budget.

  2. Panther July 1, 2010 at 9:30 am #

    There isn a new SUV made in India called "Baboo Machin" It’s cheap. about $300 US and it’s as good as hell. In our town, Bombay people cary a cow with it and sometimes they use it as a taxi and almost like 20 people jump on it and it still keep going!! God save our great nation of India! the best, the good, the beautiful!