What is the largest tire that will fit under a '95 stock Tahoe?

I have a 1995 4×4 2dr Chevy Tahoe.
It’s all stock.
I have street tires on it now but I’m looking to get some AT’s/MT’s or something and go a little bigger.
So, how big of a tire could I fit under it stock? What about if I lift it 2-3inches? I suppose I’d just get a 2-3inch bigger tire? lol

Oh, and this is exactly what the truck looks like:

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One Response to What is the largest tire that will fit under a '95 stock Tahoe?

  1. gary o November 6, 2010 at 11:59 pm #

    it is not just fitting under truck as you need room to turn wheels. Go to your local tire shop for a recommendation, a regular shop not a walmart etc.