what is the saddest tattoo story you have ever heard?

For me, it is this one, from a 21 year old girl who already regrets her tattoos (80% of all people who get tattoos eventually regret them)

Hi! I am 21 & have my entire back tattooed -Yeah, the whole thing.. I got the first piece done for my 13th birthday. That piece was done by an amateur & ended up scarring horribly. I mean BAD. To this day the 4×4 tribal piece is easily irritated, always puffy & well.. scarred. I was so self conscious about it that I decided to add to it – aiming to take the focus away from the black scar.. So at 15 I added to it… I was involved with the wrong crowd of people at that time in my life & was exposed to heavily tattooed people so it was "no big deal" – Plus, this was a while ago & the removal procedures/theories were fairly new & extremely pricey! To make a long story short by 19 I had most of my back piece done. It is very colorful, containing: black, white, greywash, violets, turquoise, orange, green, red etc.. I am very very serious about removing it but am terrified of the scarring. Not so much the cost but the chance of a bad heal w/ scarring & tattoo traces unable to be removed. I really wish I would have never began this insane body modification as I am now a mature adult with a great corporate job, family responsibilities & the desire to be more feminine I guess – Not such a freakshow. It’s like living two lives with this amount of " permanent art".. Thats just the thing – PERMANENT – Wasnt thinking about that @ 13…I know it sounds dumb & this probably isnt the forum to post my story in but I really want some "real" feedback. We all know that $$ is the name of the game & everyone will try to sell you something – especially when they can take advantage of others in such an emotional desperation oriented way. I was considering this tat be gone – sounds weak though – maybe good on a little tattoo – what about a huge back piece?! Can someone vouch for the credibility of removal on large long lived professional tattoo’s?!

For hundreds of personal stories by kids who got tattoos they now hate and can;t do anything about, visit these sites:



At least that girl did not have a face tattoo. Here’s what will most likely come from Face Tattoos = future suicide. These design choices are so notoriously linked with regret that it has been found the suicide rate for people with face tattoos are much higher than average. Whatever the thinking in getting a face tattoo, the chances of regret are so great that it’s just not worth it. The face is the one area that you can’t really cover up in public and many people underestimate the impact of face ink.
But if face tattoos lead to suicide, doesn’t the same principle apply to other tattoos?

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7 Responses to what is the saddest tattoo story you have ever heard?

  1. Spunky Callavang August 16, 2010 at 7:56 pm #

    Do you have the link to the girl?
    Tattoos are life changing decisions, they can effect your confidence and personal life. No one wants to think about the consequences. Though a tattoo removal on her back would be virtual impossible, I was watching a talk show and they brought this specialist that used lasers to make the tatto invisible in daylight/sunlight, but glow in the dark, I really don’t know the details of this and all the risk etc etc . She should really research on that. I’m not sure of the name.

  2. olive yağ August 16, 2010 at 7:56 pm #

    the worst story I’ve heard is of a guy who got his wife’s face in memory of her, but the face was done very badly and makes her look terribly ugly, not a nice memorial. I have a very, very small one on the back of my neck which I will never regret because it’s a memory of a very important and positive perios in my life.. it was a bit spontaneous but I was smart about it and though I’m 16 it’s tasteful and meaningful and I am sure I won’t regret it.. tattoos are scary though and it’s so sad when people don’t really think!! My friend wants to get an ankle bracelet tattoo and I think it’s a terrible idea, especially at her age. :/

  3. Dustin August 16, 2010 at 7:56 pm #

    I don’t know about removal procedures, but I am guessing a back piece might be a little too large. But if it is a bad story you want, I work in a hospital, a man came in complaining of pain and irritation on his new tattoo (on his forearm), it was a really colorful phoenix. Nice tattoo really. Turns out he got a wicked blood infection and he almost died. The only thing that saved him was the amputation. He worked with his hands, so he possibly lost his job. Just consider yourself lucky you made it through your tumultuous times.

  4. Mad World August 16, 2010 at 7:56 pm #

    I have no normal Ink tattoos. I 4 months ago thought tattoos were for lowlifes and the lower class.

    I still do I guess, but my ex(because she cheated on me for my best friend while I was away for 3 months then dumped me to scared to deal with the drama, he was there, I wasnt.) got me into Tattoos and I hate her for it in a way.
    I kinda appreciate and like them now but I wish I was back to my whole image of "God thats stupid".

    You dont see any rich people with tattoos, its a fact you get one most people will look at you wierd.

    I already have a UV tattoo and I am planning on getting a couple more done very soon in UV, the first one has healed fast and doing well, you can see the scaring sometimes.

    I dont know I just feel I already regret it and people cant even see mine, like its cool and fun but.. I dont know I get worried sometimes. Im about to spend $1000 getting my forearms and shoulder done!!!
    I just hope it ends there, im worried its turning into an addiction and being young until I find something more interesting I will stay onto it hard core.
    I already made a commitment to get these next 2 tattoos, im drawing the line at there though. If I could I wouldnt do them at all but money has been paid already.

  5. californiarob55 August 16, 2010 at 7:56 pm #

    "undoubtedly,the fact is obvious that many people who had got tattoo/s or who would get tattoo on their body are/will be unhappy- due to the fact, it become boring to see the tattoo night and days. for instance i have got a big tattoo on my chest by a Mauritian tattooist and now i want to remove the silly thing i done by the absence of my parents. perhaps many people like it and i also. but some of my relatives told me that it did not look so impressive and beautiful. so i want to remove it"

  6. Para August 16, 2010 at 7:56 pm #

    I’d like to know where you got your statistic information on the percent of people who get tattoos regret them. Im not trying to sounds like a bitch or anything, im genuinely curious.

  7. Saved-in-jesus August 16, 2010 at 7:56 pm #

    Being a few years older now (29 and married) there is not a day that goes by that I don’t regret getting these tattoos. When I dress, I’m forced to see them in the mirror. When I shower I’m forced to see them. What makes matters worse, is that I knew all along that it is was wrong, and yet I did it anyway, out of rebelliousness, I guess.