What would you recommend buying, the Audi Q5 2.0T premium plus or Lexus 450h limited?

Getting out of a Nissan xterra 4×4. I am looking to get into something more luxurious. I need the room of an SUV/Crossover, need 4×4/AWD (not for off-roading, but in various terrains/conditions), need better gas mileage than the xterra. I am concerned about going from the size of the xterra to the Q5, but will I forget all about that after a few months of driving? The Lexus hybrid gives the highest mpg between the two, but the highest price tag. Is the extra 10k worth it to get a Lexus or to get something more comparable to the size of the xterra? I am looking at the top of the line features on both, plus a lot of the extra accessories added to it.

I have heard lots of stories about German cars falling apart….Is that true? Is it getting better? Lexus has always had a great reputation, but Audi seems to be growing rapidly in the US the last couple of years. I do plan on extending the warranty as far as I can get it for this very reason. I want to know what will really last.

About me/family. Only have to tote around nieces and nephews a couple times a month in car seats. No kiddos of my own. Have a dog and a significant other, but that is really it. We do like to do a lot of things out doors and go on trips all over the state and country. Lots of times we drive. I need the room to go on trips with the girls as well. I am a geology major so room for camping gear is a must.

I really just want to have the luxury this time around but if put into the position of bad weather (blizzard) or bad terrain (dirt road) it will handle just fine. Most of the time I will be driving in the city but occasionally I would like to venture out.

The warranties for both are similar and can be extended. Both offer up front maintenance plans cover-able for the first 4years or 50k of the car. Surprisingly the maintenance plan offered from Audi is cheaper than the Lexus.
I am in general getting rid of two vehicles, so insurance will be better no matter what to me. Ill be saving by going from two vehicles to one. The lexus is about -15 cheaper a month because It gives a hybrid discount on top of the new car. All in all insurance is not a factor.

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2 Responses to What would you recommend buying, the Audi Q5 2.0T premium plus or Lexus 450h limited?

  1. Brandon June 24, 2011 at 7:16 pm #

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  2. Jacque M June 24, 2011 at 7:16 pm #