What's a good highway/gravel road tire for a 4×4 suv 265/70/16?

Like to have something that is really puncture resistant for driving on gravel road. But quiet for long drives on the highway.

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  1. dick car guy August 2, 2010 at 7:53 pm #

    The best relatively inexpensive gravel sand rock snow mud tire I have ever had is a bf goodrich all terrain ko this is the toughest tire out there I have used them on every 4×4 I had to put tires on. And this is why, when you get down to the end of its tread there is like two inches of thick rubber, I didnt find them to be any more noisy than any other tire, Life is a process of give and take NO AGGRESIVE TIRE IS SUPER QUIET. I watched a 4×4 offroad magazine show a few months ago, It was an invitational event, but 8 guys were selected to do a several week event, they drove approximately 400 to 600 miles one way to each event in the trucks they used everyday, they stopped at some of the roughest toughest most god awful trails I ever saw, (all the trails had rock crawling basically 4 foot cliff faces or huge rocks. and cliff with tight twisty dry creek beds as trails sometimes. All 4×4 participants of this insanity event, brought bf goodrich all terrain tires, because when interviewed about the truck and equipment, they said it was the only one that would hold up to what they were going to do to it, and it had the best traction for rock crawling bar none.
    One guy had a 3/4 ton long bed 4×4 with a built big block 460 (this is a one very powerful ford engine, the biggest they produce) he tried to get up this four foot cliff face, with a sharp right turn at the top. On tight sections several spotters would position themselves in good positions to help. after a few failed attempts the driver of the ford on his third attempt, nailed the gas pedal to the floor, as the secondaries on the carb opened up on the 460 dirt, dust tire smoke, and all the spotters took off in different directions of safety, the truck became completely obscured in dust dirt, dirt clods and rubber smoke. then the engine stopped. As the smoke and dust slowly cleared, it showed the ford made it up, and was on the drivers side door. (but it went up!!) I was at a well known 4×4 spot in the tillamoke forest area in Oregon, and 8 of ten trucks had bf goodrich at as the tire on their rig.
    You can look online to a store called tirerack.com, they have an extensive tire warehouse, and I hear they have a new section on tires they have tested them self’s. I have never used them yet.
    Americas discount tires ( discount tire.com ) has an extensive collection of different tires, is within a buck or two of Costco or Sam’s club, and will price match ANYBODY and Wal mart I noticed recently has been carrying bf goodrich sometimes, and you can order off walmarts website, and they will deliver to a local store, mount and balance, and they price match anyone as well. If you have a full size suv I suggest the 10 ply, this would be the strongest toughest tire out there, I have bent rims on trucks, and hammered the alignment on a rock hidden in snow, and the tire was fine, they last long, they hold up well and they get the job done even when almost bald, there are some tire discounts now too I believe.

  2. John August 2, 2010 at 7:53 pm #

    don’t get bf good rich all terrain tires there really good everywhere but the highway there really noisy, i would say if i have the money get Michelin XLT Tires i have had them on my f150 and my explorer they get great traction in snow mud super quit on the highway a nice stiff sidewall for heavy towing my tires on my truck where 265/60 r16 i had a really great results with them and they have a mileage warranty if they were to fast, seance i had to do cheaper this time around i went with wild spirit cooper suv tires there 70 thousand mile tires i paid under $500 for the set of 4 there good tread quit on the road good off road but the sidewalls arnt as stiff for heavy loads but overall 8/10 the xtls i would give 10/10