Why are nissan pick up trucks always needing there tranny's replaced?

Hi,I was looking into getting a nissan or datsun 720 4×4 truck from the earlier 1980’s and realized that the majority of them for sale need there tranny’s replaced. I have a friend that had a nissan 720 and he went through 2 tranny’s! My question is: should i not buy them because of the tranny problem i have seen occuring?

P.S. I read some reviews of this truck and out of the 20 i read, 6 said that there tranny’s went bad and needed to be replaced. Please help

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2 Responses to Why are nissan pick up trucks always needing there tranny's replaced?

  1. ChevyPride0310 August 2, 2010 at 7:54 am #

    well my grand father had an old datsun 2wd truck stick shift, not sure how long he had it but he didn’t need to get any transmission work done, now maybe it got rebuilt or replaced not long before he got it so i can’t say that, he had the truck for roughly i’d say 5-6 years maybe, what i think the main problem is that those transmission just wasn’t made for actual work, just light stuff and a lot of people probably try to get the trucks to do more than they’re designed especially when towing, i’ve also seen plenty of those trucks loaded down in the bed, all that puts more strain on the transmission especially if you don’t have a transmission cooler, all those ads saying they need a new tranny, its probably just the fact that it went out and they either don’t have the money to fix it or they figure its not worth spending more to fix the tranny than what the truck is even worth

    honesty if your set out to get an old small import truck then go with toyota, but im an "american company" type of person so i’d want to say get a chevy, ford or dodge but if your 100% set on an old small import truck then get a toyota

  2. John Paul August 2, 2010 at 7:54 am #

    You should not purchase a 30 year old truck because of the small cab and lack of safety equiptment. Lil hustler trucks and early hard body’s most times have had the heck run out of them and driven hard. And any car or truck that still moves after 30 years is a good thing.