Will chipping my dodge diesel pickup improve my mileage and performance. Pros and cons?

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  1. magnum_srt8er July 4, 2010 at 5:32 am #

    Yes it will improve both mileage and performance

    Have a 04 Dodge Ram 3500 CTD 4×4 with 3:73 rear end. Place Edge Juice with attitude monitor with AFE stage 2 CAI, Diamond eye freeflow muffler. I place a pyrometer pre-turbo to get the most accurate EGT’s.

    I placed a 4 inch muffler system rather than 5 inch to keep some backpressure at lower speeds as I do pull a 5th wheel.

    Since the chip I have seen 3 to 5 MPG gains on the highway and gain a heck of a lot of power with Edge juice. If you want to play in the higher power levels of the chip….better beef up your torque converter in your Auto tranny.

    You will notice a difference as well in power for passing and take-offs. Be prepared to go through rear tires pretty quick!!!

    Sound of a chipped up Dodge is sweet music!!!

    Cons: If dealership sees a chip….more than likely they will void your warranty! I waited till I was getting close to my powertrain warranty was off. Does not matter if the chips say they are undectable…the injectors will give you up if they dismantle the motor.

    Also, if you run without gauges you are taking a huge risk of melting your turbo, overheating your motor. The Edge Attitude monitor is nice…gives you turbo boast, % backdown, EGT’s and engine Temp. Also, it is easy shift on the fly level changes and alarm settings, low boast fuel settings, and transmission setup as well.

    Highly recommend you place Pyrometer pre-turbo to measure your EGT’s and let you know not exceed 1350F for to long! To reduce EGT’s you will need to upgrade with a CAI system and free flow exhaust. I would recommend not to get anything bigger than 4 inch diameter exhaust.

    You will burn through tires a lot quicker!!!! Trust me you just want to launch everytime!!!

  2. UCANTCME July 4, 2010 at 5:32 am #



  3. boogie_4wheel July 4, 2010 at 5:32 am #

    Pros: gain a little bit on fuel economy. More power. More responsive truck

    Cons: higher EGTs (exhaust gas temperatures)

    I recommend installing a boost and pyrometer gauge in your truck so that you can monitor vitals (the pyro being more important) If you have an auto tranny, may want to look in to a tranny temp gauge as well.

  4. dodge man July 4, 2010 at 5:32 am #

    yes it will help it ,you cant hurt the mileage on it any,i got a real good web site for power chips and programmers and tuners that will help it,you can check with the dealer on the warranty,most of the time adding a tuner wont hurt the warranty,good luck ,this is a good site for those, there really are no cons to doing this,http://www.dodgeforum.com/m_753336/tm.htm

  5. David B July 4, 2010 at 5:32 am #

    Yes it can improve the mileage and performance.

    I have a 2007 5.9 Quad Cab 4×4 with a G-56 six speed 3.73 gears.

    My major mods, so far are: Amsoil nanofiber drop in filter, psm intake, cool hose tube between airbox and turbo. Glacier Diesel gfs 392 fuel system with a 2 micron spin on fuel filter. Isspro boost and egt gauges and the Smarty downloader.

    Right now I’m running the SW1 program on the Smarty and its supposed to give me just 30hp and about 90 ftlb. This is Smartys fuel economy program. With it I’m getting just a tad more noticeable power and right at 20 mpg hand calculated.

    I have an excel spreadsheet where I have hand calculated fuel mileage since the truck was new. When I put the Smarty on there was a marked difference in mileage. I saw an instant increase of about 3 mpg.

    I have also run SW3 which is supposed to add 60hp and 150 ftlb. I saw an increase of about 1.5 mpg or so with it. This setting was a lot more fun to drive but I thought the extra mileage was a plus so I went with the mileage tune.

    The Smarty is an excellent downloader, it can clear codes, change tire height and has 10 tunes you can select from plus a stock tune. The Smarty also enables high idle controls on all tunes. In addition to the 10 tunes you can go to http://www.madselectronics.com and download different torque management curves allowing anything from near stock torque management to full on wild TM where fuel is delivered without hardly waiting on boost. The Smarty also adjusts the way the truck defuels at high rpm. With stock programming the truck will severely defuel at around 3100 rpm and finally wind out at 3500 rpm. The Smarty raises the defueling point to around 3400 rpm before winding out at 3500 rpm. There are some special tunes though that will allow operation to 4000 rpm.

    The most powerful program I know of will add about 230 hp and 575 ftlb over stock. I can’t run that because temps will be too hot and I don’t have a clutch that will handle it. There are clutches that are available to handle this though and some twin (compounded) turbo systems that can control the EGT’s with this tune.

    As far as EGT’s go when ran on SW3 and SW1 my temps have been lower than they were when stock. This can be attributed to timing changes.

    Overall I’m very happy with what I’ve done to my truck. Its nothing wild like some you see but I like it.

    My best mods I feel are gauges, you need them, even stock trucks can get hotter than you want!

    I also feel the glacier fuel system is another great investement. Dodge lift pumps are known to fail at the worst time. This system gives me a good reliable system, the pump should it fail is easy to access and is a lot cheaper than the Dodge lift pump. Plus the system leaves the stock lift pump in place so if something does happen all you have to do is change an electrical connection and use the old lift pump. The kit also provided 2 micron filtration which is nearly essential for a common rail diesel. The smallest filter you can get for the stock canister is 5 micron.

    Anyway sorry to go on so long. If you have any questions I suggest you go to http://www.dieseltruckresource.com check the forums out and ask some questions. It will help you learn a whole lot about your truck so you wont make expensive mistakes.